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Collagen Water

Raspberry Hibiscus

B’EAU is marine collagen-infused water with a refreshing medley of Raspberry Hibiscus flavors. It’s made just for you with added antioxidant Vitamin C to support healthy and hydrated skin.

5g Bioactive Collagen | 100% DV of Vitamin B3 and C
30 Calories | 0g of Sugar
Available in a case of 4 packs of 4 cans
    Natural Ingredients
    • Healthy & Hydrated
      Enjoy each sip and keep yourself hydrated with our refreshing collagen-infused water.
    • 5g Marine Collagen
      Sourced from non-GMO, wild-caught cod, our collagen goes through a hydrolyzation process to break down protein so your body can easily digest and absorb it.
    • Type 1 Collagen
      B’EAU™ provides a daily dose of Type 1 collagen, the most commonly found type of collagen in our skin.
    • 100% DV of Vitamin B3 and C
      Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports normal collagen production within your body.
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